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Q & A

Tooling the Caulk - Ultra-Performance

Posted by Mike Garman on

Tooling the ultra-Performance commercial grade caulk requires a little more skill than the acrylic latex caulks. This is a hybrid formulated caulk that cleans up with mineral spirits. It has properties that are water resistant, long lasting, very flexible and very resistant to harsh conditions. That’s why it is used outdoors on sidewalks, expansion joints, wall cracks, swimming pools and more, as well as indoors.

Taping off both edges of the gap you are filling is a nice way to ensure a perfect bead. Once the caulk is laid into the seam, smooth it with your finger or a flat piece of plastic or even a spoon, being careful not to remove too much caulk that creates a dip in the seam. A little pressure although, is good for the caulk adhesion to the substrate. Keep rags and paper towels handy and a can of mineral spirits for cleaning. The Ultra-Performance will start to skin over in about 20 minutes depending on temperature so try to not overwork the caulk. Peel the tape off while the caulk is soft so it pulls away cleanly and leaves a nice straight line.

If you do not want to tape off the seam, try to not overfill the gap. Pulling globs of caulk with your finger tends to pull out too much material. Use a light touch with your finger or tool that is wet with mineral spirits. This will help lubricate the caulk for spreading.

Another proven method is to use a product called Simply spray on the product after you lay the bead, tool it and wipe off the excess. The product helps lubricate the surrounding surface so the caulk will wipe off easier.

Ultra-Performance Caulk