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Grout Guide: Can I Color my Grout?

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Grout that has been stained, discolored or just plain ugly after years of wear can have new life. Even if you just want to change the color of your grout, you can give your tile a “new look” with our hot selling (Grout Colorant Kits).

Available in all the major grout colors, the kits are easy to use and apply and will last up to 15 years because of the durable epoxy formula. Color Fast Grout Colorant also seals and protects grout from moisture, staining, and can be used on countertops, walls and floors.

Make sure the floor is properly prepared first by cleaning and removing any loose particles, oily residues, or soaps. Once you have cleaned the grout joints, give a final wipe with a sponge and clean water. Allow the grout to dry completely and your ready to apply the colorant. To find if there is an existing sealer on the grout, simply put some drops of water on the grout joint and observe weather it “beads up”. If so, previously applied sealers must be removed using a stripper, but this is rarely the case as grout that is stained and discolored usually does not have a sealer on it or it has worn off.

Remember that any porous tile or stone must be sealed first before applying the colorant to ensure that that the colorant does not penetrate the tile. You don’t have to worry about glazed tile absorbing the colorant, just make sure to color the grout completely to the edges of the tile as this will help with sealing out moisture.

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Grout Colorant Kit