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Grout Guide: How do I re-grout & Grouting Techniques

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Make sure you have cleaned the tile grout joints thoroughly and have taped off the areas you don’t want the grout to “spill over.” Mix the grout with clean water and according to the package specs. The grout should be lump-free and a consistency that will not easily pour out of the bucket.

Use some latex gloves to protect your hands and with a (grout float) held at a 30-45 degree angle, spread the grout firmly into the grout joints. Don’t worry about the mess on the tiles as this will clean up with your sponge at the proper time. Some areas that are hard to get the float into, you can force the grout in the joint by your hand. When all the joints are filled completely, scrape the excess grout off the tiles by holding the float at an almost 90 degree angle and pulling diagonally across the joints so you don’t remove grout from the joints. Put all the remaining grout back in the bucket.

Allow the grout to set for about 10 minutes then with a clean bucket of water and grout sponge, lightly wipe the tiles with a well-dampened sponge. Always wipe with a clean side of the sponge, flip the sponge over and wipe another section, then rinse the sponge clean. The initial sponging gets most of the unwanted grout from the surface. The second sponging will smooth and neatens the joints and the third cleans the haze or residue from the tile. Ring the sponge out more for the 2nd and 3rd sponging.

Always allow a few minutes between the three sponging cycles as this will help give the grout time to properly set. Remember, you don’t want water from the sponge to puddle on the grout as this weakens and deforms the consistency.

Lastly, a final wipe will smooth any remaining high spots in the grout joints and clean the tiles of the remaining haze. After the grout dries, you can polish the tile with cheesecloth or a soft cotton cloth to remove any remaining residue.