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Problems Solved: Grout Around The Sink

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Damaged and loose grout around the sink is the one of the biggest problems homeowners face with their tile grout. It’s such a common problem tile setters and contractors are deluged with phone calls like, “Can you please come repair the grout around my sink?” Or, “The grout around my bathtub is falling out. Can you come fix it?” Unfortunately, most homeowners are out of luck when it comes to getting a tile-man to their house for a small job like this. The good news is you can save hundreds of dollars and do the repair yourself!

Most sinks have grout between the tile pieces and the sink edge and some sinks have caulking where the tile meets the sink. Problems of house settling, foundation movement, expansion and contraction of construction materials can create cracks and voids in areas where a bed of tile meets a different material.

To repair or replace the grout is very simple and just requires a Grout Getter to scrape away the damaged grout, clean the joints thoroughly and follow the grouting procedures on the grout package. In areas where caulking has been used but needs replacing, this can also be scraped out by a Grout Getter and then re-caulked. We offer a

leading brand tile caulking that is available in sanded or non-sanded texture and comes in all the major tile grout colo

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