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Q & A

Tooling the Caulk - Ultra-Performance

Tooling the ultra-Performance commercial grade caulk requires a little more skill than the acrylic latex caulks. This is a hybrid formulated caulk that cleans up with mineral spirits. It has properties that are water resistant, long lasting, very flexible and very resistant to harsh conditions. That’s why it is used outdoors on sidewalks, expansion joints, [...]

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Tooling the Caulk - Acrylic Latex

If you are applying our Tile & Grout siliconized acrylic latex caulk, you will find it is one of the easiest caulk to tool smooth. As with most caulks, never overfill the joints you are caulking. Try to just fill the caulk to the top of the joint and move along your path. With latex [...]

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Caulking Basics

Every caulking job has its’ own requirements and variables. Proper application starts with knowing the right type of caulk to use and a plan to complete the particular job. Preparation of the area to be filled always includes removal of debris and thorough cleaning. Just filling the gap with caulk without cleaning will not ensure the [...]

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