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Colored Caulk

Hundreds of Caulk Colors to Choose From

Grout Colors

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Acrylic Colored Caulk available in most grout colors: See manufacturers chart Ultra Perfomance Colored Caulk for showers, tubs & pools. Available in:
? Custom BP colors
? Mapei colors
? Laticrete colors


  • 100% acrylic formula
  • Siliconized for unlimited colors
  • Available in sanded and non-sanded formulas
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Moisture and mildew resistant
  • Available in 10.3 oz. tubes

Our 10.3 oz Color Fast Tile & colored caulk is easy to use, with colors and texture matched to your brand name grout for that perfect look around tubs, showers, counter top backsplashes, thresholds and many other uses.

Easy cold water cleanup with just a damp sponge. Color Fast?s formula is non-slump, so it?s simple to use on vertical installations and when fully cured, offers superior water and UV resistance.


This is a NEW hybrid colored caulk designed for wet areas! Better waterproof than silicones and polyurethanes, better in expansion, adhesiveness, fast tack free time and above all... life expectancy up to 30 years!

Offered in Custom Building Products grout colors and Mapei grout colors in sanded or non-sanded, Color Fast Ultra-Performance Colored caulk has been formulated for wet environments such as shower and tub surrounds, sinks, backsplashes, pools and areas of high humidity. It cures in 3-5 days even in these wet environments. Used indoors or outdoors, it is stain and mildew resistant and stays highly flexible with up to 500% elongation so it is excellent for use in expansion joints. Cleans with mineral spirits. Shelf life- 6 months.

VOC compliant and made by Color Fast Industries to match Custom Building Products grout colors and Mapei grout colors (per color chart above). Most are in stock but if not, please allow another 1-2 days for manufacturing.

We also offer grout colorant in hundreds of colors to match virtualy any tile grout color.

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What Every Homeowner Should Know


  • Shower floors and corners
  • Where tile meets the tub
  • Where Tile meets cabinets
  • Tile meets casing & baseboards
  • Sinks and fixtures
  • Door thresholds
  • Tile meets wood flooring
  • Where tile meets drywall
  • Movement and flexability

One of the most frustrating and common problems in showers and tubs is the cracking and flaking of the tile grout in the corner areas, floors and where the tile ends. As time goes by these areas can take a beating from water penetration, abrasive cleaning procedures and the movement of differing materials expansion and contraction.

Filling these cracked areas with caulk is very important in terms of averting water damage to framing structures, floor plywood and drywall. Water rot is very damaging and costly if not stopped in the early stage.

It is essential to prevent the grout joints from cracking when it meets dissimilar materials of construction. As most grouts are not flexible, the movement of a structure?s foundation or the expansion and contraction of construction materials due to the elements will cause cracks to occur in these non-flexible tile areas. These are points where our Tile & Grout Caulk should be used. Either in new construction or remodel or old repair areas, a good filler of matched colored caulk will allow the flexibility, water repellant and stain resistance needed for those areas.

To get the job done today, order our Colorfast Tile and Grout Caulk, which will help seal and protect your home. Our caulking is available in all the major grout colors!