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Please browse through our Grout Guide and Problems Solved pages to view DIY Articles on stone and ceramic tile grout removal and repair procedures. Whether it's kitchen tile, bathroom tile, floor tile, grout sealing or cleaning, we offer the best products available for your home improvement.

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One of the most damaged areas inside and outside the house is floor tile and grout. When 300 lb. Uncle Bob comes over with his dirty boots or Rover digs his claws into the grout joints bad things happen to your floor tile!

The pictures show a before and after of some floor grout that was damaged and later scraped out with a Grout Getter and repaired. The area where the tile meets the cabinet is a transition area from tile to wood and is well suited for using a similar colored caulking. Grout can be used in this area but with any movement of the floor or expansion and contraction of the differing materials, the grout is prone to cracking. Wherever a bed of tile butts into or meets different material, a decision should be made whether to use caulking or grout. Caulking is flexible and can be purchased in all the major grout colors but still needs to be maintained periodically.

It cannot be stressed enough to protect your floor grout with a quality sealer. All the hard work of installing a beautiful floor deserves the most protection we can give it and a once a year sealer can actually save you time and money in the tile grout repair you won’t have to do later!

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